Messenger Marketing Chat Bot For Facebook

Create your own Facebook Messenger Marketing bot for marketing, sales, and support


What is a Messenger Marketing Chat Bot For Facebook?

Automated messaging software that uses AI (artificial intelligence) to level up marketing, sales, and support using Facebook Messenger.

Use Messenger Marketing Chat Bot

  • Grow Your Contact List

    Use Facebook Messenger to grow your contacts

  • Send Messages to Your Contacts

    Reach 80% open rates in Facebook Messenger with MaterialChat Broadcaster

  • Automation

    Send messages automatically based on time delay, so you can sit back and enjoy higher conversions

  • Transform Your Visitors

    Engage and transform your website visitors into Facebook Messenger contacts

  • Online Sales

    Present your products and services catalog directly to your contacts on Facebook Messenger

  • Save Time and Money

    24/7 Support availability to response many of the same questions over and over again

Every Business

No matter what your business

Food & Beverage

Send new menu, offers and other information to your loyal customers


Let your audience know of each new beauty tips, new cosmetics, interactions, and survey instantly


Inform your customers for each new retail store open and news

Health & Sports

Send health tips, and sports tips like how to diet and stay healthy


Updates your reader and customer with new technology research, and technology releases


Property tips and news directly to your leads and contacts

What Our Clients Say

Common Questions

A bot is a Facebook Page Marketing messenger automation that sends out messages and responds to users automatically.

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